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October 31 2015 7 31 /10 /October /2015 19:53
New Lease of Life

Saturday night and stuck at home = great time to update my blog!!

Firstly I had the results back from my fine needle test and it was benign, never felt so relieved.

Although I didn't actually receive any results it was just mentioned in a passing comment in transplant clinic which I thought was very insensitive.

Bloods are stable although kidney function is really good. HB and magnesium had dropped slightly and I have been feeling very tired a lot.

No mention of the parathyroidectomy as yet but I think it will be brought up at my next clinic appointment in December.

Things are still being sorted for me to receive my drug infusion at home but it takes a while to sort it out apparently. The nurses do a wonderful job I must say even when understaffed so Im in no rush but it would help to free their time up.

Things are settling down at home and we are getting back into a routine now. I am trying to catch up on my studies which need to be completed by Christmas really. Only trouble is I fall asleep when reading due to my lethargy.

This year Jasmine was able to have a Halloween birthday party including a sleepover, the girls were good but by 2am I was shattered with the chatting. To think this wouldn't of been possible without my amazing donor - another reason to be grateful....I hope they are keeping well : )

My family have been great and it just reminds me how much I really love them.

Other things are also changing in my life which I wont go into detail with but to say I am happy, content and feel alive is an understatement....

Jasmine has just decided to donate her hair to help children with cancer have a wig.

I am very proud of her and her maturity. She has had to cope with so much in her life and yet she still puts others first. We both went for our flu jabs yesterday, Jaz was to have the nasal spray. When we got there we were told that due to me being immuno suppressed Jasmine would have to have the jab due to the nasal spray being a live vaccine. She was shaking in fear and cried after. She then said "Mummy I did this to protect you". I think its easy to forget what my amazing daughter has achieved, not having the most normal life with a poorly mummy yet she has never ever moaned to me about it. I feel so blessed!!

and on that note I will leave you.

Happy Halloween




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