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I have come across several peoples reactions and judgements to me whilst i have been a renal patient and some are so different compared to others.  I will try to break them down for you so you can get an idea of what i see.


Firstly there is the sympathetic person who understands what i go through, doesnt patronise me and is there for me when i need them - these are few and far between i have found!! Alot of people think they are this but when it comes to it you find they are one the below!


There are the people who pretend they understand, patronise you by saying 'i know how you feel' when they havent a clue and then go about there lives as normal.


There are the people who look at me and cant understand why i dont work as i LOOK well but dont see me on my bad days and what i have to actually go through. They think i can do what they can and have no sympathy what so ever.


You get the ones who get sick of hearing about me being ill or think i put it on too much....believe you me i would love to wake up one morning feeling 100%, i dont need to put it on its bad enough not too and when they are ill its the same as me apparently and i just need to 'get on with it'.


One time a man pulled his kids away from standing next to me after looking at my arm and assuming the needle marks from my old fistula was from being a drug abuser.....although i felt ashamed at first i thought its his ignorance and as renal failure becomes more well known people will start to understand more.


I get treated differently everywhere i go depending on the person. All as i ask is treat me as a normal person but understand i do have limitations.


As a family we sometimes dont get invited to places as people assume i wont be well enough to attend, or then we get invitied out of sympathy or we get invited just for the hell of it but they dont think ill go as i wont be well.............just invite us if you want to and if i can attend like any other person i will let you know and if you dont want to invite us leave it at that.


Renal failure does sometimes rule my life but i try not to let it and sometimes its the people around me that let it rule my life for me.  I hope you found this insight interesting and feel free to ask me any questions.

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  • : I decided to write a blog about my life on dialysis. Originally there was no option of a transplant due to a rare genetic disease but all this changed. I want people to try and understand what myself and my family go through, not just the bad times but the good as well. Hope you enjoy my story!!
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