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September 1 2015 3 01 /09 /September /2015 21:37
Getting my colour back
Getting my colour back

I am so sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog.

Firstly Kevin is doing well, bloods are stable and I am keeping well.

My calcium levels are still too high and i have had to have tests to see if I need the operation which I have dreaded for so long.

Whilst carrying out the 6 hour test they found a lump on my thyroid and so I had to go for a fine needle aspiration. Basically they insert a small needed into the lump under ultrasound and draw out some of the fluid and then test it. Luckily they got a good sample in the first try and am waiting the results. 95% are clear and mine was looking good so fingers crossed.

My best friend went with me to support me and made a scary procedure more manageable.

My clinic appointments have now gone to every 3 months which is great news. My next appointment is next week when I think they will discuss the operation on my parathyroid.

Medically everything is going great guns but other parts of my life are quite disruptive at the moment.

Myself and Chris have now separated but I think it is best not to discuss this due to Chris feelings.

I will be grateful for all he has done but somehow I feel I am reaching another chapter in my life.

My studies were going ok but then the 7 week holiday hit and I have not been so focused. I will need to hit the books when the new term begins.

I have been discharged from the neurologist but the ophthalmologist now needs to see me every 6 months due to damage from high blood pressure which cannot be rectified

Anyway I will try to keep you updated.




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Stay focused and positive Lisa, all will come good! Keep in touch, Regards, Chris X


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